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Nolensville TN isn’t just Williamson County

When you think ‘what county is Nolensville TN in?’ – Williamson County may be what naturally comes to mind. Considering Nolensville is a rather small place geographically at just over 10 square miles, it can be easy to assume that all of Nolensville is still within Williamson County.

Certainly this used to be the case, and for the most part still holds true. Today, however, that’s not always the case. So before you buy a home in Nolensville, you definitely need to know which Nolensville TN county you are buying in.

What county is Nolensville TN in today?

While the bulk of Nolensville is still inside Williamson County, today’s Nolensville has spread out into two other counties as well. Davidson and Rutherford counties both have at least two neighborhoods with Nolensville addresses. This is especially important information to be aware of if you’re planning to move to Nolensville and are expecting to be in Williamson County.

There are two Nolensville neighborhoods in Rutherford County

What county is Nolensville TN in
Property lines on the map are for general illustration purposes and are by no means exact

There are two subdivisions with Nolensville addresses which are located in Rutherford County; The Ridge and McFarlin Point. Both neighborhoods entrances are located off of Lake Rd.

McFarlin Point is the more established of the two with construction beginning in the early 2000’s. The Ridge is a newer neighborhood with construction beginning around 2017 and still plenty of new houses yet to be built.

Streets in McFarlin Point

  • McConnell Dr
  • Ben Hill Blvd
  • Jennings Dr
  • Conner Ct
  • Holmes Ct
  • Rennie Cir
  • Ben Hill Ct
  • Allendale Dr
  • Allendale Pl
  • Thompson Ct
  • Cabe Ct
  • Flannery Ct
  • Quillian Ct
  • Laird Ct
  • Turner Dr
  • Finegan Ct
  • Kilton Ct
  • Godfrey Ct
  • Harkins Ct
  • Kiley Ct
  • Kearney Ct
  • Brogan Ct

McFarlin Point Summary

  • City: Nolensville (unincorporated)
  • County: Rutherford
  • Zip code: 37135
  • Price Range: $600k – $720k
  • HOA dues: $37 per month
  • Lot size: Less than half an acre

Streets in The Ridge

  • Dobson Knob Trl
  • Rock Bluff Ct
  • Sweet Maple Knl
  • Jade Creek Hollow
  • Rocky Trail
  • Chimney Rdg
  • Thunderhead Rdg
  • Smokey Rdg

The Ridge Summary

  • City: Nolensville (unincorportated)
  • County: Rutherford
  • Zip code: 37135
  • Price Range: $700k – $800k
  • HOA dues: $45 per quarter
  • Lot size: Less than a quarter acre

Both neighborhoods are zoned for Rutherford County schools as well

  • Rock Springs Elementary
  • Rock Springs Middle School
  • Stewarts Creek High School

There are five Nolensville neighborhoods in Davidson County (partially at least)

Burkitt Place is partially in Davidson County
A map showing properties with Nolensville addresses that are in Davidson County

On the Davidson County side things are a bit more complicated. Here we have portions of the Burkitt developments on the Davidson County side and some on the Williamson County side. Some streets like Burkitt Place Dr and Middlewick Dr actually have Davidson County on one side of the street and Williamson County on the other side.

In all the Burkitt developments in Davidson County consist of five separate neighborhoods with separate HOA’s; Burkitt Place, Village of Burkitt Place, Burkitt Commons, Burkitt Ridge, and Burkitt Springs.

Streets inside the Burkitt developments with Nolensville Davidson County addresses

  • Burkitt Place Dr
  • Canonbury Dr
  • Muir Ave
  • Burkitt Commons Ave
  • Kemberton Dr W
  • Kemberton Ct
  • Kemberton Dr E
  • Elmcroft Ct
  • Danbrook Dr
  • Meadowcroft Ln
  • Saltville Aly
  • Gainsford Ln
  • Middlewick Ln
  • Macauley Ln
  • Ivy Mt Ln
  • Hartley Ct
  • Foxley Ct
  • Wescott Ln
  • Whitman Ct
  • Branch Side Trail
  • Tidmarsh St
  • Celt Aly
  • Springland Dr
  • Springland Ct
  • Strong Alley
  • Frewin Str
  • Balfron Dr
  • Duns Ln
  • Kirkwall Dr
  • Liberton Way
  • Alva Ln
  • Janefield Way

Burkitt developments in Davidson County are zoned for these schools

  • Henry Maxwell Elementary School
  • Thurgood Marshall Middle School
  • Cane Ridge High School

Burkitt developments Summary

  • City: Nolensville (unincorportated)
  • County: Davidson and Williamson
  • Zip code: 37135
  • Price Range: $375k – $680k
  • HOA dues: Different for each neighborhood
  • Lot size: Less than a quarter acre

Nolensville TN county Summary

You need to do your due diligence when purchasing property in Nolensville. Ask your REALTOR which Nolensville TN county they are showing you property in. While you can get a lower entry price into Nolensville by choosing Davidson or Rutherford counties, you won’t be zoned for Williamson County schools, which could be a deal breaker for some.

The only question now is, which Nolensville TN county calls to you?

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