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13 Insider Facts About Living in Summerlyn

Summerlyn Nolensville TN
A bridge connects the Summerlyn neighborhood to Nolensville High School.

Summerlyn Nolensville TN is my home. It’s the cozy corner of the town that holds my roots. Despite my fondness for my neighborhood and neighbors, I took a step back to objectively look at the facts of living here, talked to a few neighbors, and then compiled this list of everything you need to know before buying in the neighborhood.

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The Location

FACT ONE: Summerlyn is in South Nolensville near the intersection of Nolensville Pike and York Road. There are 249 homes and 151 acres. The crown of its location is that the neighborhood is connected to the Williamson County School campus, which includes Mill Creek Elementary School, Mill Creek Middle School, and Nolensville High School. While school rezoning is a hot-button issue for Nolensville residents, Summerlyn neighbors have a fantastic shot at ensuring their children stay with their friends and teachers. 

All of the homes in Summerlyn are either walkable or bikeable to campus. Some homes near the back of the neighborhood are about one mile from campus, while others are across the street. The community is lined with sidewalks which are always busy before and after school. If your kiddo doesn’t want to walk, there are several bus pickup locations throughout the neighborhood. 

FACT TWO: There are three entrances to the neighborhood. The first is off Nolensville Road, and another connects to York Road, finally via York Trail which is also the main entrance to the school campus. Heading east on York Road, you can make your way to Smyrna for a Target and Starbucks run, or you can head west toward Williams Road to make your way to Cool Springs. 

FACT THREE: There is a downside to living near the school district: traffic. Traffic is an issue throughout Nolensville, but during school pickup and drop-off times, York and Nolensville are both congested. Occasionally, traffic will stretch from the Nolensville Road/Summerlyn Drive entrance to the traffic light at Rocky Fork Road. The good news is that York Road will be improved in time, which may not ease traffic, but it will make it safer to navigate.


FACT FOUR: Summerlyn Nolensville TN is connected to the Nolensville trail system. There is an entrance near 3244 Bradfield as well as an entrance near the Nolensville High School tennis courts. You can bike throughout town using the trail system, including trips to the Farmer’s Market, the Rec Center, downtown Nolensville, or even Nolensville Park. 

FACT FIVE: Summerlyn has a pool, a playground, and a swing set. The first playground is near the pool on the Drees’ side. The swing set is on the Jones’ side. (We will discuss Drees vs. Jones soon). 

FACT SIX: Summerlyn is an active community with events and parties throughout the year. The two biggest events include the Summerlyn Showcase (Mud Bugs and Music) and the Fourth of July.

The Summerlyn Showcase & Crawfish Boil is held once per year. Neighbors throw down crawfish and hamburgers, treats from a couple of food trucks, and the musical musings of local talent. 

Nolensville’s official Fourth of July event typically happens on the Saturday near the Fourth, which opens the day of the Fourth for a huge neighborhood celebration called “Summerlyn Booms Day.” During the day, there is a Fourth of July parade for kids. At night, a fantastic fireworks display shot over the pool. (Note: In 2022, the town’s official Fourth event happened at Nolensville High School. I’m not sure if that tradition will continue, but if it does, it will be another thing that makes Summerlyn unique.)

FACT SEVEN: Residents can also take advantage of the privilege of being near the school. Friday night lights, decorating the streets for the homecoming parade, and playing at the school’s tennis courts (which can also be used for pickleball) are just a few of the school’s amenities we can enjoy. My husband and I also love to use the trail system to walk over the bridge, past the school’s butterfly garden, and along the pond.

The Builders a.k.a Jones vs. Drees

FACT EIGHT: Summerlyn Drive divides the neighborhood into two sections. The section north was built by Jones (including all of Bradfield Drive). The section to the south was built by Drees. 

The Drees side of the neighborhood has fewer homes and less land. The land is generally more rolling, and the houses are all estate sized with varied architecture featuring two and three-car garages and a couple of four-car garages. It includes the pool and a playground. 

The Jones side of the neighborhood includes green space, a swing set, and the trail system entrance. The lots are more level and feature estate and non-estate homes. The estate homes line the perimeter along Eldon Lane, Vine Street, and Bradfield Drive. All the estate homes are from the Jones’ Carriage Collection—including their popular Rainsford floorplan—which feature carriage-style exterior designs and courtyard garages, giving them a uniform aesthetic. 

A Few Gotchas on Different Lots and Streets

FACT NINE: A generous chunk of land sits between Belsford Drive and Nolensville Road. This land is owned by the HOA and will remain undeveloped though we may lose a small portion when Nolensville Road is widened. The widening of Nolensville Road will include an extension of the multi-use pathway for biking and walking.

FACT TEN: The homes along Eldon Lane, Vine, and Hankins Court are near The Church at Nolensville. The Church at Nolensville likes to jam, and the bass can reverberate into nearby houses. The church staff and town are aware of the issue and work with residents to minimize disruption, but it’s something to be mindful of when looking at homes in Summerlyn. 

On a similar note, while I love hearing the Nolensville High School band practice and the sound of fireworks every time the Knights score a touchdown, living near the high school also creates noise.

Finally, a few homes on the Drees’ side back up to York Road. Those homes will have a bit more traffic noise.

FACT ELEVEN: The plot of land behind Vine Street may be redeveloped in the future. Contrary to local rumors, there is no street connection filed in that area, but there may be future greenway connections. While those on Vine should be aware, it’s important to note that any developer of that particular parcel will be required to provide a buffer.

FACT TWELVE: Summerlyn experiences occasional flooding along Bradfield Drive when the creek waters rise. There are a few homes on Bradfield that will require flood insurance for this reason, but most homes in Summerlyn are outside the flood zone.

Groceries Coming Soon

FACT THIRTEEN: Currently, there is a plan to build a Kroger grocery store west of Nolensville Road and directly across from the Summerlyn Drive entrance. While the development will add more congestion to South Nolensville, it will also bring a much-needed convenience: groceries. Getting to a grocery store from South Nolensville currently takes twenty to forty minutes, depending on traffic and construction. When the development is built, the light at Summerlyn Drive will connect to one of Kroger’s entrances making it quick and convenient for Summerlyn residents to get groceries.

You can read more about the upcoming development on

Second, a Publix grocery store is planned for the corner of Rocky Fork and Nolensville. The walking paths will connect Summerlyn to the Publix development.

Third, if you don’t want to drive for groceries, you can use Shipt, Amazon Prime, Whole Foods delivery, or other grocery delivery services.

A Village Center Coming Soon

Recent zoning changes in Nolensville have included a “village overlay” near the proposed Kroger development on the land that runs closer to Nolensville Road and Clovercroft. This land is slated to be developed by the same developer responsible for Stephens Valley. The village overlay district will create a walkable downtown for the town of Nolensville, complete with shopping, higher-density residential units, and room for local festivals.

While we are still years away from this project’s completion, when it is complete, the landscape of Nolensville will change. With the Summerlyn community located nearby, potential homebuyers can expect to have convenient access to this new downtown district, making the neighborhood a highly desirable location for those who appreciate walkability.

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Thinking of buying or selling in the greater Nashville TN area? Schedule a no obligation discovery call at a time that works for you. Click Here

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