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Storyvale: Nolensville’s Premier Westhaven-Inspired Community

Matthew and I drove through Westhaven the other day. It’s changed so much. As we explored, we noticed families playing at the school, teens enjoying the commercial district, and golf carts lining the Kroger parking lot. It was easy to envision a similar future for Nolensville. Easy because a Southern Land-developed, Westhaven-inspired community is precisely what we’re about to get. Meet Storyvale, a development that will redefine North Nolensville.

Storyvale vs. Westhaven

Storyvale is a community being developed by Southern Land, the same developer responsible for Westhaven. While many elements of Storyvale mirror Westhaven, it will be a smaller development with notable differences.

Storyvale sits on 372.89 acres—including the new school site, which we will discuss later. Westhaven, to compare, sits on 1,500 acres.

While the exact number of residential units in Westhaven is uncertain, it’s estimated to be around 3,500, possibly including the addition of new 55+ homes and an assisted living center. Storyvale will have 735 residential units.

I also assume Westhaven has more commercial space, given that it has its own grocery store. Storyvale will not have a grocery store, but Kroger and Publix are just 3.5 miles away.

Finally, Westhaven sits near multiple golf courses, including the Westhaven Golf Club. There is no such option in Nolensville.

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Where is Storyvale?

Storyvale is being developed near the southwest corner of McFarlin Road and Fly Road. The plans have 2213 McFarlin Road in Nolensville listed as the official address. The project is in Williamson County.

For those unfamiliar with the area, one notable aspect to consider is that Kidd Road will serve as one of the primary roadways for residents. Kidd Road is struggling to meet the demand it currently faces. Storyvale will compound the existing problems, which include poor road conditions, a narrow roadway, traffic, and flooding.

Of course, the idea is that Storyvale, like Westhaven, will become a small town within a small town, one where resident’s daily needs can be met without ever leaving the neighborhood, and then, of course, there are the required road improvements.

Road Improvements

Southern Land will widen parts of McFarlin to three lanes. The neighborhood will also provide connector roads from McFarlin to Fly and connect into another project being developed by Goodall.

The Goodall project will come with its own needed road improvements including a roundabout construction at the connection of McFarlin and Battle Road. Goodall will also widen sections of Kidd, Battle, and McFarlin to three lanes with deceleration and turn lanes to ease traffic congestion in the area.

Last, but not least, there are developer fees and projected revenues which certainly give the town needed funds to address the roadways, but also funds for something else…

map of Storyvale with planned phases
Photo Credit: SLC

A New Elementary School is Coming to Nolensville

According to information posted to the Nolensville Insider, Storyvale’s projected total impact fees are $17.1M with $10.3M for the Williamson County School District alongside a donation of 11.41 acres for a new Nolensville elementary school.

Ensuring our school system can keep up is crucial for meeting the demands of such a sizable neighborhood. Southern Land projects that the development will bring 2,618 new residents to Nolensville, with 770 of them falling between the ages of 5 and 19. The new school should be able to meet the demand created by our youngest new neighbors, but a rezoning is likely in Nolensville’s future for middle schoolers. There’s already a planned addition to Nolensville High School.

It’s important to note that Southern Land Company is not the only developer donating land for the new school. Goodall is also donating land. In total, the new school will sit on 17 acres and will be able to serve 890 elementary students.

Homes, Townhomes, and Work-Lives

Now, let’s delve into the homes that will house our 2,618 new residents.

Storyvale will introduce 445 alley-loaded homes and 290 non-alley homes. This will resemble a mix of townhomes, single-family homes, and work-live residences.

Below is a breakdown of the different residential product types, along with the quantity and lot size:

Alley Loaded

  • Qty 35: Live/Work – 22 Feet
  • Qty 30: Live/Work – 24 Feet
  • Qty 147: 33 Feet
  • Qty 143: 41 Feet
  • Qty 90: 46 Feet

Non-Alley Loaded

  • Qty 153: 65 Feet
  • Qty 76: 75 Feet
  • Qty 32: 85 Feet
  • Qty 29: .5 acres Feet

Who will build all of these homes? Southern Land Company’s in-house builder, SLC Homes.

SLC has constructed homes in Westhaven, although it’s important to note that Westhaven was not exclusively built by SLC. Other builders, including Ford Classic, Legend Homes, Stonegate, and others, have contributed to the community, particularly in developing estate homes. While Storyvale will feature larger, half-acre estate lots, there is currently no mention of allowing outside builders to participate in the community’s construction.

If you want to look at SLC’s portfolio of homes, you can do so here.

Parks and Open Space Preservation

166.46 acres of land will be preserved for parks and open space, well beyond the 111 acres required by the town of Nolensville.

Details regarding the design of the open spaces are currently limited. The aspiration for Storyvale is to feature miles of trails connecting residential areas to commercial spaces and the new school and ultimately integrate with Nolensville’s existing trail system. In fact, Southern Land will be required to add a 10″ wide greenway trail along the creek on the property for a connection to the existing network.

Amenity Park Inspiration

Storyvale Nolensville inspiration architecture

Storyvale has plans for an “amenity park,” which will feature a swimming pool with the promise of “resort-inspired amenities,” which Southern Land calls the “hallmarks of all their master-planned communities.”

If you’re curious about what the amenity park might look like, the red barn-like building above is an inspiration for Southern Land drawn from a community in Rancho Mission Viejo, California.

Commercial Zone Development

Commercial architecture inspirations for Storyvale

The commercial zone will feature 15,300 square feet of commercial space, enough for some retail and dining but certainly not enough to distract focus from the new Nolensville Town Square which will bring 70,000 square feet of retail to Nolensville.

Inspiration for the commercial buildings was drawn from Westhaven and even Tito’s in Burkitt Commons.

Storyvale Timing

The initial phase of Storyvale, including home sales, is set to commence in late 2024, with grading of the land already underway.

If you want to review the plan submitted to the Town of Nolensville, you can do so here.

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