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Nolensville School Zones By Neighborhood

Nolensville High School is fed by most of the Nolensville school zones

This article is dangerous for two reasons. First, Nolensville school zones can be rezoned. In fact, in Nolensville, schools are rezoned about once every three years. Thankfully, this article is making its way out into the world just a few months after our last rezoning in Nolensville. Second, Nolensville is one town located across three counties. In Tennessee, schools are assigned based on the county you live in. While there are parts of Nolensville in Rutherford and Davidson, for the purposes of this article, we’re focused on Nolensville Williamson County.

Word of Caution: Understanding School Rezoning in Nolensville

I feel the need to reemphasize that Nolensville school zones can be subject to periodic rezoning. As mentioned, this happens about once every three years, ensuring an equitable distribution of students across schools. It is important to stay updated on the latest zoning information to ensure accurate planning for your child’s education.

If school zone is a consideration for you, please look up the current zoning for your future address using the Williamson County bus route finder, or you can call the school district for more information.

Jordan Elementary

Jordan Elementary is a Brentwood school, but it serves several neighborhoods in Nolensville. It is the newest elementary school on the list, although the Mill Creek Elementary School facility is also relatively new. Jordan Elementary is located at 9714 Split Log Road in Brentwood.

Jordan Elementary on Great Schools
Jordan Elementary on Niche

Jordan serves the following neighborhoods:

  • Brooksbank Estates
  • Scales Farmstead
  • The Farm at Clovercroft

Mill Creek Elementary School

Mill Creek Elementary School shares a large campus with Mill Creek Middle and Nolensville High School. It’s located toward the southern side of town at 100 York Rd, Nolensville, TN.

Mill Creek Elementary on Great Schools
Mill Creek Elementary on Niche

The following neighborhoods are all zoned to Mill Creek Elementary, and while the list may look small compared to the number of neighborhoods zoned to Nolensville Elementary, Mill Creek has almost equal enrollment numbers. This is partly because it services Bent Creek, which is a large neighborhood, and also because it serves many of the town’s rural areas outside of subdivisions. Neighborhoods zoned to Mill Creek include:

Nolensville Elementary School

Nolensville Elementary School is located at 2338 Rocky Fork Road. It has the most central location of all the elementary schools within the Nolensville school zone. It also happens to be the school our son attended from Kindergarten through 5th grade. While recognizing that everyone’s experience is different, for us, it had a wonderful small town, friendly feel.

Nolensville Elementary on Great Schools
Nolensville Elementary on Niche

Here’s a list of the neighborhoods within the Nolensville school zones assigned to Nolensville Elementary:

Sunset Elementary School

Sunset Elementary School serves the neighborhoods closer to the Brentwood border and feeds into Sunset Middle School. Sunset Elementary and Middle share the same campus. The school’s address is 100 Sunset Trail, Brentwood, TN.

Sunset Elementary on Great Schools
Sunset Elementary on Niche

Here’s a list of the neighborhoods zoned to Sunset Elementary:

  • Asher Downs
  • Benington
  • Brittain Downs
  • Eulas Glen
  • Sinatra
  • Sunset Park
  • Winterset Woods

Mill Creek Middle School

Mill Creek Middle School is the newest middle school in Nolensville. It is located at 200 York Trail, Nolensville, TN, next to Mill Creek Elementary and Nolensville High School. According to, Mill Creek has around 748 students, a slightly higher population than Sunset Middle. All of the middle schools in Nolensville serve 6th-8th grade.

Mill Creek Middle on Great Schools
Mill Creek Middle on Niche

Here’s a list of the neighborhoods within the Nolensville school zones assigned to Mill Creek Middle School:

  • Annecy
  • Ballenger Farms
  • Bent Creek
  • Burberry Glen
  • Burkitt Place
  • Burkitt Village
  • Catalina
  • Dylan Woods
  • Enclave at Dove Lake
  • Hadley Reserve
  • Kingsbarn
  • Lochridge
  • McFarlin Woods
  • Nolenmeade
  • Nolen Mill
  • Nolen Park
  • Silver Stream
  • Stonebrook
  • Summerlyn
  • Telfair
  • Whitney Park

Sunset Middle School

Sunset Middle School is located at 200 Sunset Trail, Brentwood, TN, next to Sunset Elementary. As you can see from the neighborhood list below, it primarily feeds from Sunset Elementary, although it combines with a couple of Jordan Elementary neighborhoods to create a larger student body. Enrollment at Sunset Middle is around 613 students.

Sunset Middle School on Great Schools
Sunset Middle School on Niche

Sunset Middle serves the neighborhoods listed below:

  • Asher Downs
  • Benington
  • Brittain Downs
  • Brooksbank Estates
  • Eulas Glen
  • Scales Farmstead
  • Sinatra
  • Sunset Park
  • The Farm at Clovercroft
  • Winterset Woods

Nolensville School Zones: Ravenwood or Nolensville High School

Most kids living in Nolensville are zoned to Nolensville High School (NHS). In fact, all of the neighborhoods listed above are zoned to NHS.

That said, some Sunset Middle School kids go to Ravenwood High School. The other middle schools in Nolensville feed to NHS. If you want your kids to attend school with the same classmates from K-12, this might be something to consider, although most people I ask seem okay with the divide.

Some of the neighborhoods zoned to Sunset Middle and Ravenwood include Allens Green, Bridgeton Park, Brookfield, Chestnut Springs, Copperstone, Morgan Farms, Owl Creek, Rosebrooke, Sonoma, Taramore, Terrabrooke, and Tuscany Hills.

Nolensville High School on Niche
Nolensville High School on Great Schools

Ravenwood High School on Niche
Ravenwood High School on Great Schools

Let me say it again: navigating the school zones in Nolensville requires awareness and adaptability. With periodic rezoning occurring approximately every three years, it is crucial to stay updated on the latest information to ensure accurate planning for your child’s education. The dynamic nature of the school zones underscores the importance of flexibility and proactive engagement with the school district in Nolensville. If you are looking for a home within a particular district, give us a call, we would be happy to run a search for you.

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